Thursday, March 12, 2009


Weston, Happy Birthday!!!!! I cant believe your turning 12, where does time go. We are so proud of all you do. Thanks for being such a good kid and a good helper. Mom and dad love you very much. Hope you have a good day. Happy birthday!!!!!!


TJ said...
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Lisa Marie Trent said...

Thank you for your encouraging words....tonight we are a little anxious, Jack's breathing seems labored and his face is a little puffy. We are both so PSYCHO that we don't know if we are just freaking ourselves out or what. We are going to go in for an x-ray tomorrow just to make sure. (our insurance is maxed out, WHY NOT?) I'm surprised that Hayden is still on lasix. Why do they want him on it so long after surgery? Interesting... I'm hoping that Jack's O2 goes up, because his heart is CHOOSING to pump blood thru the fenestration, and not the fontan as much. So that makes me nervous. Ugh. Life WILL be normal again right?