Saturday, January 17, 2009

Greenwich 2008

Last summer we loaded up the boys and the 4-wheelers and headed down to Scott's grandma's old house in Greenwich. Jewel (Scott's mom) met us there. We had so much fun, we rode the 4-wheelers everywhere we went. We went fishing and got rained on, we went on lots of trails up the mountain, up to the fields to see and hear big bull elk. Being up there reminded Scott of how much fun he used to have when he was a boy. We cant wait to go again this year.


Blackburns said...

That scenery looks familiar! It makes me a little homesick, especially grandma's house. We are headed home this coming weekend and to see grandma. Your boys are getting big. Cute boys!

Moira said...

That made me miss our four I loved going on trails and being one with nature.